I don't know if I'm right or wrong about this but it kinda sounds like the reason the fandom fangirls over levi and gay ships over things like mikasa and a canon lesbian ship is because they only really care about the males



seriously tho

there is no lie

literally even almost all the girls seem to get ignored too and only are rlly brought up to be criticized ??

and made of jokes??

Like fucking sasha is just deemed to a ditz and potato jokes when she’s fucking smart, strong and fucking saved a lot of people’s fucking asses

but nah she ate a potato ONE TIME and suddenly: lOL POTATOS……..IM SO OBLIVIOUS……….

Mikasa is deemed as a fuckin clingy fangirl bitch when in reality she’s just fucking protective over the last of her family she has left and to keep the promise she made with her adoptive mother before she fucking died

Annie is just deemed a fucking crazy bitch and people ignore the fact she has feelings and she fucking cares for people and ignore her fucking whole backstory

People take Hanji as just some funny all the time ditz  and huge titan fangirl but they’re fucking brillaint and have such style and grace with 3DMG and they fucking HATE the titans as much as everyone else but the titans fascinate them

Ymir is just fucking ignored and deemed as a stoic careless bitch when she actually saved people’s asses and shows her love for Christa a lot??

Christa is just seemed as the innocent baby goddess when she’s like rlly badass ?? and can totally fend for herself easily like??

seriously I rlly hate the fucking SNK fandom a lot because they are just as bad if not the same with mischarterization as the HS fandom is which is saying a fucking LOT

[Let’s try this again cause my phone hates me]

Sweet baby jesus on toast, this is so fucking true on a level I can’t begin to describe.

I hear so much hate about Mikasa, Annie and all them, and it’s like, how in the heck do you hate them?! Mikasa is one of the strongest female characters I’ve seen, and she’s willing to do anything to protect what’s left of her family. She’s the one who has to make sure Eren, the most precious thing left in her life, along with Armin too, safe and alive, and she does one hell of a job at it. Even at her lowest, when she thinks all hope is lost, and there’s no point, she finds her courage and strength to continue on with a little help from her friend/ally. And she’s so fucking badass, I mean come on, do you not see her graceful butt slaying those titans as if they were nothing?! It’s almost like her calling to go out there and be a boss ass bitch and show those titans who the queen is around here.

Hanji.. Hanji is my freakin bae, okay? Hanji is smart as fuck, just like Armin, and they’re always excited to learn new things about what makes the titans tick. But that doesn’t make them this overly excited( which they can be at times ), titan-loving maniac that runs into battle for a titan hug. No!! Hanji’s passion for knowledge and gaining intel/advantages on the titans is what drives them to what they do. Eren to them is like the small ray of sunshine in the darkest clouds of a shitstorm, and getting behind what causes Eren to transform, along with the secrets of the titans is a big fucking thing for them. When they caught the female titan, twice might I add, they had to strategize, along with a few others probably, how to lure Annie into the trap, basically outsmarting her, and throwing her out of the loop. No one else knew what to do with Annie, or even stop her, despite Armin cause he’s smart little shit too, but Hanji and her crew came up with a plan, that only a few select knew about, and downed that bitch, even if it didn’t work all the way. You can’t expect everything. Seriously, they’re a smart cookie, and deserve more credit than being given right now. For christs sake, Erwin made Hanji the commander of the freakin survey corps!! Of all the people, he could have chosen, he chose them because he knew they had what it takes to lead the survey corps in the right direction, and trusted Hanji’s word and actions. Commander Hanji Zoe of the Survey Corps?? Fuck yeah!!

So I see all these people wanting strong female characters that still have emotions and have their weaknesses, yet here they have so many prime examples strewn out in front of them and they’re just like, oh ew no, Mikasa is soooo annoying always being up erens butt. When’s she gonna stop babying him and being his mommy?? Krista is such a weak little babu along with Sasha and they can’t do crap. Why are they in this in the first place?? Blah blah blah blah. ( srsly I’ve heard some stupid shit come out of people’s mouths about this and they’re the most ridiculous excuses not to like them )

Yes, the male characters are great in this show, don’t get me wrong. All of them have great character and have a purpose just as much as the females do. But you are right, the mischaracterization in this fandom is so terrible and it makes me shake my head in some serious shame. Open your eyes people!! Not everything is about dicks and gay ships. This show has wonderful characterization yet a lot of people have their head stuck up their butt about Levi totally being in love with either Eren or Erwin. ( come on be fucking real here, no way in hell ).

Love the male characters all you want but don’t just throw the females under the bus, guys! Every female character has a reason to be there and I have yet to see a reason why they shouldn’t!

I’d just like to add that EVERY fandom is like this. Avengers fandom probably despises the Black Widow(Natasha Romonov). DuRaRaRa!! fandom hates Anri. I bet a majority of Uta-Pri(Uta no Prince-sama) hates Haruka Nanami. Ouran Hischool Host Club fandom probably hates Haruhi Fujioka. Naruto Famdom hates Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tsunade(Maybe).  I’ve heard many people hate on Terezi from Homestuck.



So I work at target now and one of my favorite things to do when I hear something in the next aisle fall is to drop what I’m doing and stand at the end of that aisle like so: